Saturday, 19 February 2011

Contracting in the UK

I made the very daunting but very exciting decision about 4 years ago to give up my permanent job and try my hand at contracting and consulting. This is something that I had wanted to do since I was youngster, running my own company, making my own decisions and  building a successful business. It took me until my mid-late twenties to finally realise my ambition. Over the course of the last four years through a combination of hard work and good luck  I have had a very enjoyable and very rewarding experience that has been both financially and professionally rewarding. Contracting and Business

About 3 months after I made my decision to become a contractor and start my business the world and UK economy suffered the worst financial crisis since the 1930's and that was followed by a pretty deep recession, the like of which has been not seen for sixty years. During that time I have been very fortunate, I was able to maintain paying clients and keep my small company going and we have even experienced some small growth and hopefully as the economy makes a slow and pain staking recovery my business will be in a stronger position than when it started out.

It hasn't been without its challenges and some set backups though, a recent bad experience led me to start up this contracting section of my blog where I will try my best to share my experiences with you, If anyone out there has any advice to offer then I’m are always open to comments. Either leave a comment in the post in question or feel free to contact me me[@] and I’ll be more than happy to add a post for you.

You can follow this blog on twitter @GREITContracts, you can connect with me on Linkedin my profile is here.

By the way, my main specialism is SQL Server and I blog and write extensive on that on my main blog at


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